5 Good Ways to Make Steady Progress on Your Goals & Projects. Reduce Your Stress.

5 Good Ways to Make Steady Progress on Your Goals & Projects
 5 Good Ways to Make Steady Progress on Your Goals & Projects (credit : unsplash)

5 Good Ways to Make Steady Progress on Your Goals & Projects

1. Schedule a specific time and day to work on the goal  just as if it were an appointment. Don't just wait for "someday" to work on it. It will always get bumped by more urgent (but not necessarily more important) tasks unless you make it a priority.Carving out a specific time to work on the project will make sure it finds its way onto your to-do list.

2. Do a little at a time. How much progress could you make if you had 36 hours to work on your goal? If you work only 10 minutes a day on a goal, that's 36 hours a year!

3. Write this note on a post-it: "What have I done today to work on __________ ?" (write your goal on the blank line). Put it where you'll see it right before you go to bed, and ask yourself what you have done that day on the goal. If your answer is "nothing," get up the next day and resolve to work harder and smarter.

4. Work with a partner. Make a wager that you have to buy him or her lunch if you don't complete certain tasks by a specified date (deadlines give us structure and focus).

5. Ask yourself: "How will I feel if I never complete this goal?" Remind yourself that you deserve the success and happiness that comes from setting & achieving interesting goals.

If the stress seems to go on and on, such as in a war or a bad marriage, or when you face long term financial problems or illness, your brain perceives the threat as never-ending. Your brain then orders the release of a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol locks in the stress response reaction, and it keeps your body systems in a constant state of high alert.

The problem is that the body was not designed to live in a state of high alert permanently. Sooner or later the body's internal systems will start to break down.

What can we do to reduce the stress we feel?

One thing we can do to reduce our stress is to make sure that when we think about the things that are bothering us, that we are thinking about them in a realistic way. If we have a habit of thinking about every negative event as if it is a huge catastrophe, we will be throwing our body systems into a state of high alert for trivial reasons. So be sure that you are not exaggerating to yourself how terrible an event really is.

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And be sure to remind yourself of all your inner resources to deal with your problems, as well as the resources in your community that you can tap into for strength and guidance.When we tell ourselves that we are weak and powerless and that our problems are overwhelming, we make ourselves more powerless than we really are.

If you are a person who tends not to confide in others when you have a problem, this will actually make your stress response worse. Refusing to talk about your problems can keep you feeling overwhelmed, and can keep you from seeing solutions.When you are faced with a stressful situation, talking about it with a trusted friend or advisor is one of the best ways to start to deal with it.

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